The Keeping Safe: Child Protection Curriculum (KS:CPC) is a child safety and respectful relationships curriculum providing age and developmentally appropriate activities for children and young people from age 3 to year 12 (age 17+).

The KS:CPC has gained a world class reputation due to its depth of content, breadth of learning, contemporary nature, and requirements for explicit training.

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Curriculum structure

Year level documents

  • Early Years: Ages 3-5
  • Early Years: Years R-2
  • Primary Years: Years 3-5
  • Middle Years: Years 6-9
  • Senior Years: Years 10-12

Support materials

  • Aboriginal children and young people
  • Culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds
  • Disability and additional needs
Keeping Safe: Child Protection Curriculum

The KS:CPC teaches all children, in an age and developmentally appropriate way, to:

  • recognise abuse and tell a trusted adult
  • understand what is appropriate and inappropriate touching
  • understand ways of keeping themselves safe

The KS:CPC is predicated on two main themes which are presented through age and developmentally appropriate activities:

  • We all have the right to be safe
  • We can help ourselves to be safe by talking to people we trust

Focus Area 1: The right to be safe

  • Feelings
  • Being safe
  • Warning signs
  • Risk-taking and emergencies
  • Psychological pressure and manipulation

Focus Area 3: Recognising and reporting abuse

  • Privacy and the body
  • Touching
  • Recognising abuse
  • Secrets
  • Cyber safety
  • Domestic and family violence

Focus Area 2: Relationships

  • Rights and responsibilities
  • Identity and relationships
  • Power in relationships
  • Trust and networks

Focus Area 4: Protective strategies

  • Strategies for keeping safe
  • Persistence
  • Network review and community support


The KS:CPC is mandated in all South Australian Department for Education preschools and schools. It is also available to sites and organisations that have a licence agreement with the South Australian Minister for Education.

See the list of approved sites and organisations below or email education.cpc@sa.gov.au for more information.



Educators that deliver the KS:CPC must complete the KS:CPC Educator course.

An online update course is also available for educators that have completed the Educator course and would like to refresh their knowledge.

Accessible across the world by:


1,800+ schools, preschools, and childcare centres



500,000+ children and young people


37,000+ educators

Approved sites and organisations


In South Australia, the KS:CPC is mandated in all Department for Education and Catholic Education sites and is used by schools from the Association of Independent Schools SA. The KS:CPC is also accessed by multiple sites and organisations from across Australia and the world through licence agreement with the South Australian Minister for Education.  See the list below or the Access page for more information.

▼ South Australia

  • Department for Education
  • Alive Catholic Early Learning Centres
  • Association of Independent Schools SA
  • Catholic Education SA
  • Community Children's Centres SA
  • Emali Early Learning Centres
  • EREA SA Flexible Schools
  • FLO case managers
  • Gawler Riverside Early Learning Centre
  • Glandore Private Kindergarten and Child Care Centre
  • Goodstart Early Learning Centres SA
  • Green Leaves Early Learning Centres
  • Kin Kin Early Education
  • Littlehampton ELC
  • Lutheran Education (LESNW) SA
  • Maitland and Minlaton Family Centres
  • Marino Early Learners
  • Ranges Early Learning Centre & Infant Toddler Centre
  • SA Montessori Preschools
  • University pre-service teachers
  • Wendy's Early Learning Centres

▼ Australia

  • Adventist Schools Victoria
  • Association of Independent Schools WA
  • Brisbane Boys' College
  • Catholic Education WA
  • Catholic Education NT
  • Department of Education NT
  • EREA WA Flexible Schools
  • Scotch Oakburn College Tasmania
  • The Herd ILC Victoria

▼ International

  • ABA Oman International School
  • American International School of Bucharest
  • American International School of Lusaka
  • Australian International School Indonesia
  • Australian International School Singapore
  • Beijing City International School China
  • Canadian International School Singapore
  • Chatsworth International School Singapore
  • EtonHouse International School Broadrick Singapore
  • EtonHouse International School Orchard Singapore
  • Georgetown International Academy Guyana
  • German European School Singapore
  • International School of Zug and Luzern Switzerland
  • International Schools of North America Saigon South
  • ISA Science City International School of Guangzhou
  • I-Shou International School Taiwan
  • Ljubljana International School Slovenia
  • The International School of Azerbaijan
  • Overseas Family School Singapore
  • United World College South East Asia Singapore
  • Western Academy of Beijing